About Us

About NAC

The Northwestern Archaeological Conservancy (NAC) provides nonprofit archaeological scientific and technical consulting and contracting services to federal, state, tribal, and community agencies and organizations to promote and enhance the conservation of public archaeological and cultural resources. NAC conducts scientific archaeological research and broadly disseminates results through professional and public speaking engagements, teaching, and publications to enhance scientific understanding of Human and cultural heritage, address current and future societal problems that can be informed by the past, and promote scientific education.

Our Mission

We conduct basic and applied archaeological and Earth sciences research to improve people’s lives throughout the Far West. We carry out this mission by fostering entrepreneurial scientific talent, who apply scientific understanding to the effective management and conservation of cultural and natural resources, and work to meet needs for science-based education in our communities.

Our Vision

We work to be leaders in investigating human pasts and environments. We will achieve this vision by increasing scientific knowledge and understanding of archaeology and earth sciences, promoting the preservation of archaeology and the natural environment through effective and responsible management strategies, and reinforcing our shared interests in cultural heritage and the natural environment.


NAC was founded in 2017 in Lebanon, Oregon.